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Why Soft Skills Are Important

Why Soft Skills Are Important

Learning is a natural and continuous process which keeps happening in our conscious and sub-conscious minds. For every learning, whether we recognise it or not, whether we can quantify it or not, but it certainly does give a direction to our future courses of action. During the process of these learning, knowingly or unknowingly we keep adding new skill sets or keep honing existing skills in our everyday activities. The skills we possess can fall into different categories depending upon their characteristics. Broadly speaking we can differentiate them as follows-

Skills which are related to a specific domain and are technical in nature- These are hard skills which help us to perform specific assignments, which require expertise on particular skill sets. These skills are mostly non-transferable in nature and have a chance to become obsolete over the time.

Then we have skills which help us across domains- These are generic in nature and remain essential throughout. These soft skills are expected to be a part of our knowledge base irrespective of our work domain. These skills remain relevant over a very long period of time and always act as a support.

The entire spectrum of soft skill covers a huge range of attributes which make us more productive, more sorted and a better person. These soft skills are resources which are going to benefit us in every phase of our lives. A few of them are listed below: -

Communication Skills- We need to interact with people on daily basis, and how we do it surely decides a lot about the impression we leave on others. In professional world we need to pitch our ideas to others, we need to convince people or usual socialisation with colleagues. A good communication skill will always showcase a better version of us in front of others. It indeed reflects on the career growth chart.

Teamwork- Results are seldom attributed to the efforts of an individual, rather it is an output of collective efforts. A team player is preferred over individual player in most of the work environments. The ability to understand your co-workers, aligning your contribution with others and always looking at a larger picture are some the qualities which are considered essential in today’s world.

Time Management- Juggling between professional and personal lives, being bogged down with strict deadlines and pressure of multitasking are the few things which most of us are facing in our lives. We always strive to strike a balance and try to bring things in our control. The ability to do it every time is the skill; we all must have in this twenty first century. We need to set our priorities straight and allocate our time accordingly.

Creativity- Coming up with new and innovative ideas is appreciated a lot and many times thinking out of the box becomes the need of the hour. In our professional life we keep coming against problems which are unique in nature and it do require solutions which were never thought of before. It is highly desirable that one should know how to react while charting through unknown territory and coming out of it victorious.

Leadership Skills- Leadership requires a concoction of qualities in an individual. A leader guides the team, protects their interests and keep an empathetic view towards their team members. Leaders do require to keep their team united while solving problems. Conflicts must be avoided to the extent possible and work should happen in a result-oriented way. Leaders keep a bird eye view over the entire thing and ensure smooth delivery of result. So, this skill is amalgamation of a lot of other skills.

Gaining these soft skills can bring a lot of changes in one’s personality. One can have greater self-confidence, negotiation skills, adaptability and overall a better reputation. If we are aiming for a clutter free mind, a sorted personal and professional life, and want to feel the inner peace, these soft skills are certainly going to help us a lot.



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For a Better Tomorrow

For a Better Tomorrow

I do believe we all have a responsibility towards making this world a better place to live and all of us in our own ways must strive to make it happen in actual sense. In this fast-changing world if there is anything constant, then it’s the change. Things which were true in essence decades back may not hold that sacrosanct position today. All of us have our own perspective which itself may vary from time to time, and we see this world through our own lens, aligning it to our perspective.

Our generation is facing challenges and tasks which were alien to our predecessors. Just making the ends meet may not be that challenging as it used to be but having a work life balance indeed has become. Only a handful privileged people getting into colleges is not the case anymore. A greater availability of resources has certainly bestowed upon us a greater responsibility towards our society. To cut a long story short, I am putting here a few points which I believe are crucial for a better tomorrow-

  • Education which can instill belief and confidence in one’s own abilities – This can happen when learners know the practical applications of theories being imparted to them. Contents must be aligned to the real world, so that learners can come over the mental blockage and associate it to their lives. Leaners should have a clarity how and where they can utilize the skills being imparted to them.
  • Moving away from robotic life- A hard and fast schedule and routine can result in death of creativity. This doesn’t mean not respecting time and being careless, but we need to draw a line where it becomes robotic. Coming up with innovative ideas must be appreciated and encouraged. Not falling in conventional line should not face intimidation, or doing anything which doesn’t fall in society’s normal proceedings should not be frowned upon or looked down upon.
  • Know the value of Freedom- We should enjoy our work and that comes naturally when you can work on something you want to work on or you can work with somebody you want to work with. Freedom gives you a greater room for innovation as only a free mind can have greatest clarity of thoughts.
  • Not falling in trap of rat race- An average society will always try to produce another generation of average society. Always look for the value you are adding with your work. Any person must have the liberty to pursue the life of their own choice. Do what you are best at, do what makes you happy, as long as your conscience allows you to do it.
  • Be giving- Giving something to society can give immense pleasure to you. Always try to contribute something constructive to the world you live in. This is not a one- or two-time activity, rather it should be a continuous process. It doesn’t matter whether you get the acknowledgement or not, keep doing good works even when no one is watching.
  • Always be an entrepreneur at heart- Being an entrepreneur means having a problem-solving attitude. Identifying problems and creating solutions for them should be your regular activity. No matter how big or small problem you are solving. Those little solutions can bring a big change somewhere in future.
  • Be future ready- Keep yourself skilled enough to be relevant in the times to come. Things which have greatest impact in our lives today were unknown two decades back. All the things we discussed above like being giver, having entrepreneurial spirit, etc. will only work when we keep ourselves updated and keep an eye on future. Be a student for lifetime, keep learning and keep innovating.

In nutshell, we can say we strive for a world where people are problem solvers, givers, creators, fearless in doing innovative things, having empathy towards fellow people and always ready to learn something new.

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Recruiting Teachers for Schools

Recruiting Teachers for Schools

Schools are the architects of future, as they groom children who are going to work in different fields in the times to come. So, running a school becomes a high responsibility job and this must be reflected in their operations. All the people associated with schools must understand the importance of their role, as it’s not just another job. Creating a good team is a prerequisite for any school which strives to succeed in this competitive market.

Educators are the backbone of these schools, and this puts them in a central role in shaping our future, making their recruitment a very crucial process. Schools should have a robust hiring structure, which they must adhere to. A set of relevant parameters should be explicitly mentioned on which a prospective educator will be judged. A certain weightage must be assigned to all the relevant parameters like subject knowledge, communication skills, class controlling, etc.

Doing internal works for hiring process is still easier, but the bigger challenge is to get good candidates for the selection process. This certainly doesn’t mean bringing a large pool of tutors into the selection process. The pool of candidates must be assessed in terms of quality. Quality educators are the people who can do wonders for your school. Filtering candidates even before interviewing them, or just by going through bunch of resumes is not easy and may not give you the desired result. You may miss on good candidates, at least chances are there.

Here a recruitment consultancy can help you a lot, especially if it has expertise in education domain. They keep pool of candidates who are already interviewed, and judged on a few general parameters. You just need to let them know your criteria and they will filter their candidates based on that only. Filtering candidates on predesignated parameters substantially reduces the number of candidates and it saves a lot in terms of time and energy. Having lesser number of candidates in queue doesn’t only mean interviewing lesser number of candidates, in fact it gives a leverage to go in depth while interviewing candidates. Digging deeper means knowing the candidate better and making a well-informed decision in recruitment process.

At Dreamy Eyes we have a large pool of educators and we try to understand which educator will fit better where. Clients come to us with different requirements and here we can’t have one size fits all approach, so we map educators to our clients while keeping a lot of things in mind. We do have a robust structure through which we understand our educators, we understand our clients and then proceed accordingly. We have educators for all classes and all subjects, benchmarked on relevant parameters.

Apart from this, we have tried to make things as much simple as possible for our clients. One needs to click on the link –

Fill the form and one of our executives will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can call us, mail us or text us as well. We have a proven track record and we take pride in the fact that here at Dreamy Eyes we do provide exemplary service. At Dreamy Eyes, we value our educators, we value our clients and we make teacher recruitment simple and efficient. So, eventually we are saving your time and energy which you can channel to some other area and get manifold benefits.

To know more about us, you can visit our website

We do provide teachers for both offline and online mode of learning. Please feel free to drop any query, we will be more than happy to help you.

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Live One to One Online Classes

Live One to One Online Classes

Technology has indeed affected our daily lives in a lot many ways. It has made quality personal tutoring available to plenty of people who were earlier denied of this privilege. Traditional methods of teaching have several limitations, which got mitigated by online classes. Online classes provide greater amount of flexibility to both students and teachers.

Students coming from remote locations were earlier at the receiving end as they couldn’t have access to quality tutors. We have seen students moving to a different city to have access to better teachers. But internet breaches geography and it has made access to quality tutors easy and affordable. Not only in the remote locations, even in the city area these online classes are much sought for because of the flexibility it provides. It saves a lot of time and energy as well, as this mode of education doesn’t require anyone commuting from one place to another.

Personal tutoring through online mode works pretty much similar to the offline one. Here in one-to-one live online classes, one teacher and one student connect with each other on an online platform. Thanks to the availability of plenty online learning tools, teaching in this mode has become quite interesting and effective. Many students prefer this mode of learning over traditional offline tutoring.

Pros of this mode of learning-

  • No geographical barrier, as students can connect with teachers across the globe
  • Flexibility in timing, as students can opt for night classes as well
  • Can access classes from anywhere, you just need an active internet connection and a device
  • Time saving, as no travel happens in this mode
  • Economical in nature, as it saves on time transportation cost

Cons of this mode of learning-

  • Dependency on internet connectivity and electronic device
  • Lesser control of teacher over student as there is lack of physical presence
  • Some students may take some time to acclimatise to this mode of learning

So, as we can see it’s a matter of personal choice whether to go with this mode of learning. At Dreamy Eyes, we have qualified and experienced pool of teachers who take one-to-one live online classes. Tutors do have required tools and equipment for conductive live online classes. We connect only one student with a tutor, not more than that. The idea is to take traditional home tutoring to a virtual platform to have advantages and flexibilities of online mode.  Students can clear their doubts, get personalised hand holding just like an offline home tuition class. It just empowers you to a greater extent with convenience and flexibility.

You can book a demo class through this link –

A demo class gives you a hands-on experience with this mode of learning. You actually get to know not only the quality of tutor, but you get to see how various online learning tools work. Post demo you can let us know the feedback of class and can discuss with tutor the way ahead. We do have a very efficient feedback mechanism and we do appreciate parents who share their feedback regularly with us. We take pride in what we offer to our learners.

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Things to check While Hiring Home Tutor

Things to check While Hiring Home Tutor

When you have decided to hire a private home tutor for your child, you start looking for a good tutor and it must be done with due diligence. A tutor will come everyday at your home, spend a good one to two hours with your child and most importantly will play a crucial role in shaping the future of your child. So, here we have tried to summarise the things one should keep in mind while hiring a home tutor.

  • Subject Knowledge

In demo class, try to sit with your child and look whether the tutor has strong command over the subject matter or not. Even later on, keeping checking notebooks of your child once in a while to reconfirm the same. If the tutor is teaching more than one subjects, then look for each subject and find whether all the subjects are being taken care of or not.

  • Compatibility

Look for the compatibility between your child and your tutor. Tutors can’t be put in fit for all category as each child is unique. Check whether your child feels comfortable with the tutor or not, whether understands the teaching method or not. There must be a wavelength match between your child and the tutor.

  • Soft Skills

While hiring a home tutor we do need to check for some other aspects as well. We need to look how does the tutor communicate with your child, his hand gestures, way of talking, etc. as your child learns these things as well from the tutor. A smart tutor will help you in making your child smarter.


Once the tutor is selected after demo class, we do need to regularly follow the progress. This can be checked on following parameters-

  • Sincerity & Punctuality

Children look up to their tutors and it is the duty of the tutor to exhibit highest standard of professionalism. Look whether tutor is following the schedule or not, focusing on all subjects or not and most importantly respects the punctuality or not. A callous attitude of the tutor can send wrong precedence to your child.

  • Performance in Examinations

This can be a good indicator to gauge the usefulness of hiring a tutor, but look for all the aspects before coming to a decision. It may be possible that shortcoming is from your child’s end and you need to work it out. If you get unsatisfactory result, talk to the tutor, talk to your child, ask them where they find area of improvement. Keep following the progress to find whether things are working out or not.

If you think, anything is not going in line as per your expectation, you should talk to the tutor privately. Make the tutor understand where do you feel there is a scope of improvement. Listen to the tutor as well, and discuss the way ahead for your child. Try to have a session with tutor time to time, so that you can have a better understanding regarding your child’s progress.


At Dreamy Eyes we strive to make home tutor hiring as smooth as possible. The quality of service we provide to our clients is exemplary and that is something which helps in growing. Hiring a home tutor through Dreamy Eyes is extremely simple and hassle free.

Click here-

You can fill in the requirement here, or call us directly or you can message us as well. We will filter the teachers as per requirement and demo will be scheduled with a suitable tutor. Post demo we take the feedback and if everything looks good then you can continue with the tutor.

Home tutor hiring is this easy!


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Home Tutor Hiring

Home Tutor Hiring

Once you have decided to hire a personalised home tutor for your child, the question that comes to mind is where to find one. As a home tutor is going to play a vital role in your child’s progress, all the aspects must be taken into consideration before finalising the one. To understand what kind of home tutor is required, first you need to understand your child. Your child’s temperament, compatibility, interests; area where your child needs improvement all these things must be well thought of before finalising the criteria for home tutor.

Now when you have understood your requirement, you can contact a reputed service provider who can guide you in choosing a home tutor for your child. Contacting a service provider can make your task a lot easier as they have large pool of tutors and can act as one stop solution for your needs. Make the service provider understand your requirement, and ask them to shortlist the tutors from their database based on your criteria. Once you get the profile of shortlisted tutors, you can choose one for the demo class.

Now in a demo class, you need to check a few things like compatibility between student and tutor, communication skills, whether the tutor is going into deep concepts or not, understanding of the subject matter and a lot more. For younger kids, it is advisable that parents sit in the demo class and watch them. After the demo class, spend some time with your child and ask about the class whether he or she liked the tutor’s method of teaching or not, whether he or she was able to grasp the concepts or not, whether he or she was comfortable with the tutor or not.

Post demo class, you can call the service provider to fill them in with your feedback. If you are not fully satisfied you can ask for another tutor after giving due feedback of the last one. This feedback mechanism helps the service provider to understand your needs and eventually it saves everyone’s time and energy. If everything looks good you can give a green signal to the service provider for the tutor and you can start the classes.

So, in nutshell it is not a tedious process. The entire process can be summarised as-

  • Understand you child and determine what kind of tutor do you need
  • Call a service provider and update them with your criteria for tutor
  • Take a demo class and keep an eye on above mentioned parameters
  • If everything looks good then you are all set to continue with the class

Hiring a Home tutor from a reputed service provider is recommended because they have a large pool of qualified and experienced teachers and they do provide good service to maintain the reputation of the organisation.

To hire home tutor from Dreamy Eyes click -

Dreamy Eyes is currently operating in multiple cities in India and they do have large database of qualified and experienced teachers. In their years of operation, they are duly recognised for their exemplary services. The process of hiring home tutor from Dreamy Eyes is simple, just click on the above link and let them know your requirement. One of the executives will connect with you and will assign an appropriate tutor for your ward. Take a demo class and post demo you can share your feedback with them.

The idea is to make hiring a good tutor for your ward smooth and hassle free. Clients can share their feedback on regular basis with Dreamy Eyes and Dreamy Eyes will be more than happy to assist them.

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Why Personal Tutor

Why Personal Tutor

Most of the parents at some point in their lives have faced the dilemma of whether to have a personal tutor for their child or not. The decision accounts for a lot brainstorming and it should, as it involves the future of their child. Here we are trying to make their lives easier by explaining how a personal tutor can be helpful not only for their child’s academic pursuit but for their child’s overall development as well.

  • Your Child is Unique

Every child has got some unique traits which often get neglected in the process of generalisation. All the students in a classroom can be of the same age group but can never be the same as far as their learning is concerned. Individual attention is the thing which can explore the inner unique potentials of a child and here a personal tutor gets an edge over the general classroom. Personal tutor moves with the pace of your child, understands your child better and can dig into the innate qualities of your child which otherwise would have remained unexplored.

  • Your Child Will Come Over the Hesitancy

Study shows due to various reasons, most of the children remain hesitant when they need to ask doubts in a classroom. This thing continues for years and children find it normal to have their doubts unanswered, and over the time they become more hesitant in asking questions. Certainly, it hampers your child’s learning as one can’t have clear concept of a subject while having unanswered questions. Having a personal tutor helps your child to express himself more freely and clear all the doubts which could otherwise act as an obstacle in the learning process. A clear concept of basics will help your child to groom as an independent learner in the long and it will instil a great amount of confidence.

  • Helps Your Child in Regular Academics

In schools, children get limited time per subject as they do have a timeline to finish the course. Sometimes a little bit of extra time at home by personal tutor can do wonders for your child. Students can learn those aspects of a subject which they couldn’t learn at school due to paucity of the time. Personal tutors are not bounded by strict timelines of curriculum, students can ask questions and clear their doubts as per their requirement. This helps students to score better in examination as it acts as a support system and fill in the gaps.

  • You Can Have Regular Feedback on Your Child’s performance

As a concerned parent it must often comes to your mind that how your child is doing in studies. In schools normally there isn’t a constant feedback mechanism to keep you updated with your child’s development. In case of having personal tutor, you can get regular feedback on your child’s performance in studies. You can have a fair idea of where your child is doing well, where is the need of some improvement and you work accordingly.

  • Your Child Can Get Help for Extra Courses

Your bright and talented child may want to explore courses other than regular classroom ones. These extra courses can impart some extra skills to your child and will help them in the long run, as it can open greater potentials. A little bit of guidance for those courses can help your child a lot. They can do some certifications of their choice, appear in some examinations or just go through courses to enhance their knowledge.

  • Your Child Will Have Flexibility in Learning

As per your convenience you can schedule the time and mode for personal tutoring like online or offline, and this gives you a great amount of flexibility. Tutor can come to your place at a scheduled time or alternatively you can arrange live one-on-one, two-way interactive online personal tutoring classes for your child. Online learning tools have made this mode of learning pretty much convenient and effective. Both the modes of learning are good and it depends on your personal preferences what you choose.

So, we can see a personal tutor can help your child certainly in plenty of ways. A personal approach in teaching is indeed useful as your child gets individual attention and can grasp the concepts at their own speed. The flexibility in time, place, mode of teaching and courses you can study certainly make it quite useful to opt for a personal tutor.

To hire a Home Tutor from Dreamy Eyes, click-

To hire a tutor for live one-on-one online classes, click-

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