Live One to One Online Classes

Live One to One Online Classes

Dreamy Eyes
Dreamy Eyes

Technology has indeed affected our daily lives in a lot many ways. It has made quality personal tutoring available to plenty of people who were earlier denied of this privilege. Traditional methods of teaching have several limitations, which got mitigated by online classes. Online classes provide greater amount of flexibility to both students and teachers.

Students coming from remote locations were earlier at the receiving end as they couldn’t have access to quality tutors. We have seen students moving to a different city to have access to better teachers. But internet breaches geography and it has made access to quality tutors easy and affordable. Not only in the remote locations, even in the city area these online classes are much sought for because of the flexibility it provides. It saves a lot of time and energy as well, as this mode of education doesn’t require anyone commuting from one place to another.

Personal tutoring through online mode works pretty much similar to the offline one. Here in one-to-one live online classes, one teacher and one student connect with each other on an online platform. Thanks to the availability of plenty online learning tools, teaching in this mode has become quite interesting and effective. Many students prefer this mode of learning over traditional offline tutoring.

Pros of this mode of learning-

  • No geographical barrier, as students can connect with teachers across the globe
  • Flexibility in timing, as students can opt for night classes as well
  • Can access classes from anywhere, you just need an active internet connection and a device
  • Time saving, as no travel happens in this mode
  • Economical in nature, as it saves on time transportation cost

Cons of this mode of learning-

  • Dependency on internet connectivity and electronic device
  • Lesser control of teacher over student as there is lack of physical presence
  • Some students may take some time to acclimatise to this mode of learning

So, as we can see it’s a matter of personal choice whether to go with this mode of learning. At Dreamy Eyes, we have qualified and experienced pool of teachers who take one-to-one live online classes. Tutors do have required tools and equipment for conductive live online classes. We connect only one student with a tutor, not more than that. The idea is to take traditional home tutoring to a virtual platform to have advantages and flexibilities of online mode.  Students can clear their doubts, get personalised hand holding just like an offline home tuition class. It just empowers you to a greater extent with convenience and flexibility.

You can book a demo class through this link –

A demo class gives you a hands-on experience with this mode of learning. You actually get to know not only the quality of tutor, but you get to see how various online learning tools work. Post demo you can let us know the feedback of class and can discuss with tutor the way ahead. We do have a very efficient feedback mechanism and we do appreciate parents who share their feedback regularly with us. We take pride in what we offer to our learners.