For a Better Tomorrow

For a Better Tomorrow

Dreamy Eyes
Dreamy Eyes

I do believe we all have a responsibility towards making this world a better place to live and all of us in our own ways must strive to make it happen in actual sense. In this fast-changing world if there is anything constant, then it’s the change. Things which were true in essence decades back may not hold that sacrosanct position today. All of us have our own perspective which itself may vary from time to time, and we see this world through our own lens, aligning it to our perspective.

Our generation is facing challenges and tasks which were alien to our predecessors. Just making the ends meet may not be that challenging as it used to be but having a work life balance indeed has become. Only a handful privileged people getting into colleges is not the case anymore. A greater availability of resources has certainly bestowed upon us a greater responsibility towards our society. To cut a long story short, I am putting here a few points which I believe are crucial for a better tomorrow-

  • Education which can instill belief and confidence in one’s own abilities – This can happen when learners know the practical applications of theories being imparted to them. Contents must be aligned to the real world, so that learners can come over the mental blockage and associate it to their lives. Leaners should have a clarity how and where they can utilize the skills being imparted to them.
  • Moving away from robotic life- A hard and fast schedule and routine can result in death of creativity. This doesn’t mean not respecting time and being careless, but we need to draw a line where it becomes robotic. Coming up with innovative ideas must be appreciated and encouraged. Not falling in conventional line should not face intimidation, or doing anything which doesn’t fall in society’s normal proceedings should not be frowned upon or looked down upon.
  • Know the value of Freedom- We should enjoy our work and that comes naturally when you can work on something you want to work on or you can work with somebody you want to work with. Freedom gives you a greater room for innovation as only a free mind can have greatest clarity of thoughts.
  • Not falling in trap of rat race- An average society will always try to produce another generation of average society. Always look for the value you are adding with your work. Any person must have the liberty to pursue the life of their own choice. Do what you are best at, do what makes you happy, as long as your conscience allows you to do it.
  • Be giving- Giving something to society can give immense pleasure to you. Always try to contribute something constructive to the world you live in. This is not a one- or two-time activity, rather it should be a continuous process. It doesn’t matter whether you get the acknowledgement or not, keep doing good works even when no one is watching.
  • Always be an entrepreneur at heart- Being an entrepreneur means having a problem-solving attitude. Identifying problems and creating solutions for them should be your regular activity. No matter how big or small problem you are solving. Those little solutions can bring a big change somewhere in future.
  • Be future ready- Keep yourself skilled enough to be relevant in the times to come. Things which have greatest impact in our lives today were unknown two decades back. All the things we discussed above like being giver, having entrepreneurial spirit, etc. will only work when we keep ourselves updated and keep an eye on future. Be a student for lifetime, keep learning and keep innovating.

In nutshell, we can say we strive for a world where people are problem solvers, givers, creators, fearless in doing innovative things, having empathy towards fellow people and always ready to learn something new.