Things to check While Hiring Home Tutor

Things to check While Hiring Home Tutor

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When you have decided to hire a private home tutor for your child, you start looking for a good tutor and it must be done with due diligence. A tutor will come everyday at your home, spend a good one to two hours with your child and most importantly will play a crucial role in shaping the future of your child. So, here we have tried to summarise the things one should keep in mind while hiring a home tutor.

  • Subject Knowledge

In demo class, try to sit with your child and look whether the tutor has strong command over the subject matter or not. Even later on, keeping checking notebooks of your child once in a while to reconfirm the same. If the tutor is teaching more than one subjects, then look for each subject and find whether all the subjects are being taken care of or not.

  • Compatibility

Look for the compatibility between your child and your tutor. Tutors can’t be put in fit for all category as each child is unique. Check whether your child feels comfortable with the tutor or not, whether understands the teaching method or not. There must be a wavelength match between your child and the tutor.

  • Soft Skills

While hiring a home tutor we do need to check for some other aspects as well. We need to look how does the tutor communicate with your child, his hand gestures, way of talking, etc. as your child learns these things as well from the tutor. A smart tutor will help you in making your child smarter.


Once the tutor is selected after demo class, we do need to regularly follow the progress. This can be checked on following parameters-

  • Sincerity & Punctuality

Children look up to their tutors and it is the duty of the tutor to exhibit highest standard of professionalism. Look whether tutor is following the schedule or not, focusing on all subjects or not and most importantly respects the punctuality or not. A callous attitude of the tutor can send wrong precedence to your child.

  • Performance in Examinations

This can be a good indicator to gauge the usefulness of hiring a tutor, but look for all the aspects before coming to a decision. It may be possible that shortcoming is from your child’s end and you need to work it out. If you get unsatisfactory result, talk to the tutor, talk to your child, ask them where they find area of improvement. Keep following the progress to find whether things are working out or not.

If you think, anything is not going in line as per your expectation, you should talk to the tutor privately. Make the tutor understand where do you feel there is a scope of improvement. Listen to the tutor as well, and discuss the way ahead for your child. Try to have a session with tutor time to time, so that you can have a better understanding regarding your child’s progress.


At Dreamy Eyes we strive to make home tutor hiring as smooth as possible. The quality of service we provide to our clients is exemplary and that is something which helps in growing. Hiring a home tutor through Dreamy Eyes is extremely simple and hassle free.

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