Why Personal Tutor

Why Personal Tutor

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Most of the parents at some point in their lives have faced the dilemma of whether to have a personal tutor for their child or not. The decision accounts for a lot brainstorming and it should, as it involves the future of their child. Here we are trying to make their lives easier by explaining how a personal tutor can be helpful not only for their child’s academic pursuit but for their child’s overall development as well.

  • Your Child is Unique

Every child has got some unique traits which often get neglected in the process of generalisation. All the students in a classroom can be of the same age group but can never be the same as far as their learning is concerned. Individual attention is the thing which can explore the inner unique potentials of a child and here a personal tutor gets an edge over the general classroom. Personal tutor moves with the pace of your child, understands your child better and can dig into the innate qualities of your child which otherwise would have remained unexplored.

  • Your Child Will Come Over the Hesitancy

Study shows due to various reasons, most of the children remain hesitant when they need to ask doubts in a classroom. This thing continues for years and children find it normal to have their doubts unanswered, and over the time they become more hesitant in asking questions. Certainly, it hampers your child’s learning as one can’t have clear concept of a subject while having unanswered questions. Having a personal tutor helps your child to express himself more freely and clear all the doubts which could otherwise act as an obstacle in the learning process. A clear concept of basics will help your child to groom as an independent learner in the long and it will instil a great amount of confidence.

  • Helps Your Child in Regular Academics

In schools, children get limited time per subject as they do have a timeline to finish the course. Sometimes a little bit of extra time at home by personal tutor can do wonders for your child. Students can learn those aspects of a subject which they couldn’t learn at school due to paucity of the time. Personal tutors are not bounded by strict timelines of curriculum, students can ask questions and clear their doubts as per their requirement. This helps students to score better in examination as it acts as a support system and fill in the gaps.

  • You Can Have Regular Feedback on Your Child’s performance

As a concerned parent it must often comes to your mind that how your child is doing in studies. In schools normally there isn’t a constant feedback mechanism to keep you updated with your child’s development. In case of having personal tutor, you can get regular feedback on your child’s performance in studies. You can have a fair idea of where your child is doing well, where is the need of some improvement and you work accordingly.

  • Your Child Can Get Help for Extra Courses

Your bright and talented child may want to explore courses other than regular classroom ones. These extra courses can impart some extra skills to your child and will help them in the long run, as it can open greater potentials. A little bit of guidance for those courses can help your child a lot. They can do some certifications of their choice, appear in some examinations or just go through courses to enhance their knowledge.

  • Your Child Will Have Flexibility in Learning

As per your convenience you can schedule the time and mode for personal tutoring like online or offline, and this gives you a great amount of flexibility. Tutor can come to your place at a scheduled time or alternatively you can arrange live one-on-one, two-way interactive online personal tutoring classes for your child. Online learning tools have made this mode of learning pretty much convenient and effective. Both the modes of learning are good and it depends on your personal preferences what you choose.

So, we can see a personal tutor can help your child certainly in plenty of ways. A personal approach in teaching is indeed useful as your child gets individual attention and can grasp the concepts at their own speed. The flexibility in time, place, mode of teaching and courses you can study certainly make it quite useful to opt for a personal tutor.

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