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Home Tuition Service

“ Should I go to coaching class or choose home tuition service near me? ” This is a confusion that troubles almost every parent today who wants to see their children. At Dreamy Eyes, we put an end to such confusion by offering competitive home tuition in Delhi. You don’t need to worry about your child’s studies because our home tutors bring a world-class learning experience right to your home.

No Time-Consuming Travel

Home tuition in Delhi does not need to be very time-consuming. No more wasting time in traveling to the coaching class in the scorching heat of summers or the darkest hour of winters. Our tutors come to your home at your preferred date, day, and time, encouraging your child to invest his time and energy in the studies with zero distractions.

Personalized Tuition

A personal tutor provides personalized academic support that your child needs. We always recommend parents and students to search for home tutors in their locality. If you are trying to search for it online, then always ask the service provider the question “do you offer home tuition service near me so that my child does not have to travel far”. At Dreamy Eyes, we have a large network of tutors and teachers who offer the best home tuition. The selection of a tutor will be done based on your location and unique requirements.

Doubt-clearing Sessions

Besides the regular tuition classes, you can also request separate doubt-clearing sessions for your child. In schools, you have a limited time frame that is utilized for teaching and less for doubt-clearing. The same goes for most of the private tuitions. However, at Dreamy Eyes, we allow the students to request for separate doubt-clearing sessions in which he can flag the problems and doubts he/she face.

Affordable & Cost-effective

One of the common legitimate concerns of parents looking for “home tuition service near me” is the high tuition fees combined with the travel costs. At Dreamy Eyes, we offer budget-friendly tuition services to you which can be customized depending upon your needs, such as location, duration, and days. Discuss your requirements with us today and hire the best home tutor in Dwarka or near to your locality for your child at an affordable tuition fee.

FAQ for Students/Parents

  How can I avail your home tuition service?

You can connect to us through call or message, and let us know your requirement. We will connect you to a perfect home tutor as per your requirements. Dreamy Eyes has a large pool of qualified and experienced home tutors and is known for providing the best home tuitions.

  How much your home tutors charge?

Home tutor charges depend upon a lot of parameters. You can share your requirements with us, and we will let you know how much a home tutor will charge as per your requirements.

  Can I hire a home tutor for individual subjects?

Yes. Having a home tutor provides you a lot of flexibility. You have an option to choose what and when you need to study. We provide customized solutions to our clients, taking care of their needs.

  Will I get a demo class before finalizing the tutor?

Yes. You will schedule a demo class at a mutually convenient time and we will finalize the teacher only if you confirm the tutor post demo class. In case you don’t find the tutor suitable, we will send another tutor.

  Do I need to pay you anything for a home tutor?

You don’t need to pay anything apart from the regular tuition fee. We don’t charge anything extra from parents for home tutor hiring purposes apart from the regular tuition fee.

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