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Home Tutor Hiring

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Once you have decided to hire a personalised home tutor for your child, the question that comes to mind is where to find one. As a home tutor is going to play a vital role in your child’s progress, all the aspects must be taken into consideration before finalising the one. To understand what kind of home tutor is required, first you need to understand your child. Your child’s temperament, compatibility, interests; area where your child needs improvement all these things must be well thought of before finalising the criteria for home tutor.

Now when you have understood your requirement, you can contact a reputed service provider who can guide you in choosing a home tutor for your child. Contacting a service provider can make your task a lot easier as they have large pool of tutors and can act as one stop solution for your needs. Make the service provider understand your requirement, and ask them to shortlist the tutors from their database based on your criteria. Once you get the profile of shortlisted tutors, you can choose one for the demo class.

Now in a demo class, you need to check a few things like compatibility between student and tutor, communication skills, whether the tutor is going into deep concepts or not, understanding of the subject matter and a lot more. For younger kids, it is advisable that parents sit in the demo class and watch them. After the demo class, spend some time with your child and ask about the class whether he or she liked the tutor’s method of teaching or not, whether he or she was able to grasp the concepts or not, whether he or she was comfortable with the tutor or not.

Post demo class, you can call the service provider to fill them in with your feedback. If you are not fully satisfied you can ask for another tutor after giving due feedback of the last one. This feedback mechanism helps the service provider to understand your needs and eventually it saves everyone’s time and energy. If everything looks good you can give a green signal to the service provider for the tutor and you can start the classes.

So, in nutshell it is not a tedious process. The entire process can be summarised as-

  • Understand you child and determine what kind of tutor do you need
  • Call a service provider and update them with your criteria for tutor
  • Take a demo class and keep an eye on above mentioned parameters
  • If everything looks good then you are all set to continue with the class

Hiring a Home tutor from a reputed service provider is recommended because they have a large pool of qualified and experienced teachers and they do provide good service to maintain the reputation of the organisation.

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Dreamy Eyes is currently operating in multiple cities in India and they do have large database of qualified and experienced teachers. In their years of operation, they are duly recognised for their exemplary services. The process of hiring home tutor from Dreamy Eyes is simple, just click on the above link and let them know your requirement. One of the executives will connect with you and will assign an appropriate tutor for your ward. Take a demo class and post demo you can share your feedback with them.

The idea is to make hiring a good tutor for your ward smooth and hassle free. Clients can share their feedback on regular basis with Dreamy Eyes and Dreamy Eyes will be more than happy to assist them.