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Online Home Tuition

Online home tuition in Delhi are gaining huge popularity nowadays. Finding the best tutor for children is no more a cakewalk. Parents having 9 to 5 jobs, students juggling up their studies and sports throughout the day while most of the tutors have busy schedules. So, parents turn up to a home tutor online which makes it easier for tutors, students, and parents to find a suitable time and availability to facilitate the study.

Faster & Better

For online tutoring services, students & tutors only need a good internet connection and a laptop/computer/mobile device in a good condition. At Dreamy Eyes, our tutors get on a video conference call with your student and bring the entire classroom to him through a window. The quality education is delivered through the online mode in the same manner as it is delivered in a traditional home tuition setting. No time is taken to travel to your home. It is a faster and better mode of learning and tutoring.

Transcend Geographical Barrier

The best thing about online home tuition in Delhi is that students in Delhi can connect to expert teachers in the UK, US, and far across the globe. At Dreamy Eyes, while providing online tutoring services we connect students and teachers irrespective of their geographical presence. You just need to have a device and an active internet connection. You can learn from the best home tutor online from anywhere.

Lesser Cost

Amongst all, online home tuition ranks #1 as the most cost-effective way of learning. The tutors online tend to charge less in comparison to the traditional home tuition method. The time and cost of travel are compensated in online mode thereby passing on the big savings to parents. Want to know more about it? You can contact us for getting information regarding our online tutoring services and save big with us.

Can Study From Anywhere

In the online mode of learning, your location does not matter much, provided you have good internet connectivity. You can study from anywhere in the world. Whether you are traveling or sitting back at a beach. Your classes do not get hampered because you can reach out to your home tutor online at any time of the day, schedule a class and start learning.

Greater Flexibility

With online home tuition, you get a greater degree of flexibility and comfort as you can attend a class as early as 6:00 AM or as late as 11:00 PM. It is even not necessary that you sit with a laptop/computer to study. You can learn at the tip of your fingers with just a mobile phone.

FAQ for Students/Parents

  What is a live one-on-one online class?

In this mode of learning, there is one dedicated teacher for a student and it is like offline home tuition only except that it happens on an online platform. Students from anywhere can connect to tutors from anywhere on a two-way interactive online platform.

  Can students ask their doubts in live one-on-one classes?

Yes. Students can ask their doubts just like offline classes. Students and tutors can virtually meet and interaction happens just like any offline teaching medium.

  How much do live one-on-one online classes cost?

It normally costs lesser than offline tuitions. You can connect to us and let us know your requirements. We will let you know how much a tutor will charge.

  Will I get an online demo class before finalizing the tutor?

Yes. You can avail one online demo class. It will help you in deciding on finalizing the tutor.

  Where can I get the best live online classes?

At Dreamy Eyes, we have a large pool of qualified and experienced home tutors online. Let us know your requirement and we will connect you to one perfect online tutor as per your requirement.

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